Re: [code] Error with textdept-curses

From: Robert Gieseke <>
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2014 10:38:03 +0200

Hi Mike,

Am 25/06/14 02:32, schrieb Michael Robinson:
> i just setup a new laptop wiht x86_64 ArchLinux and am having a problem
> with textadept-curses i keep getting an error i have not gotten befor
> I compiled from source and have textredux. it gives me a very long screen
> of errors i just copyed a small part.
> usr/local/share/textadept/core/ui.lua:289: bad argument #2 to 'iconv'
> (string expected, got nil) Line:
> 2
> Any help would be great as i use the curses mode more then the gui on my
> systems

can you try running with a clean userhome like

textadept-curses -u ~/tmp/foo123

and running the latest pre-built versions to find out whether it's
something in your init.lua (e.g. Textredux), your build or Textadept.


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