Re: [code] [textadept] Textredux bug: Extra lines in file dialog with wrapping enabled

From: Robert Gieseke <>
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2014 22:24:40 +0200

Hi Joshua,

thanks for the report! Since a few days I have

events.connect(events.INITIALIZED, function()
   local wrap_mode = buffer.wrap_mode
   events.connect(events.BUFFER_AFTER_SWITCH, function()
     if buffer._textredux and then
       buffer.wrap_mode = buffer.WRAP_NONE
       buffer.wrap_mode = wrap_mode

in my 'init.lua'. This seems to work well so I plan to have this
included in Textredux …
Only issue so far is when switching views with open Textredux buffers
and closing them.
It might also be possible to change the internal list 'padding' since
often lines not shown yet cause the linke breaks.
Another option might be to shorten very long paths as is done in some


Am 27/06/14 22:12, schrieb Joshua Krämer:
> Hi,
> in the Textredux file dialog, extra white lines appear between the
> entries, if one of the entries is longer than the window's width and
> line-wrapping is enabled. See the following image.
> Kind regards,
> Joshua

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