Re: [code] Updated proposal for better ctags support

From: Carlos Pita <>
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2014 21:51:09 -0300

Hi Mitchell, thank you for your comments.

>> b) ... a generic symbol list dialog offering the ability to (i) filter
>> the symbol list and (ii) execute a final action based on the selected
>> symbol: go-to-definition or autocomplete the word under cursor.
> Adeptsense was an experiment for this functionality, but the generic
> routines I came up with had too many holes in them. Perhaps you can do
> better, but I'm not terribly optimistic. That's why some of the language

What I have in mind is just a lua api for ctags. Maybe I'm wrong, but
I was of the idea that what you felt had failed to generalize in
textadept was the scope providing part, which is more specific of each
language (I mean, to infer what class/type/table/etc. a symbol belongs

Now specific language modules will just provide the right scope
argument whenever they are able, or fallback to a default filter (say,
by prefix and language). Then the user could easily enter a scope
filter if he wants, typing a few characters of the class/type/table
name, thus providing the information the language name was unable to
infer. This interactive filtering facility would be pretty useful for
code navigation too, so the same dialog could, at least in theory,
fill both roles.

I've some concerns regarding the possibility to implement this highly
interactive dialog using the pure lua api of textadept. Is it possible
to call the GtkBuilder passing it a glade file without writing C at


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