Re: [code] Updated proposal for better ctags support

From: Carlos Pita <>
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2014 02:21:29 -0300

> I've some concerns regarding the possibility to implement this highly
> interactive dialog using the pure lua api of textadept. Is it possible
> to call the GtkBuilder passing it a glade file without writing C at
> all?

Well, I realized I was thinking in terms of a code browser but both
autocompletion and jump-to-def uis could be stripped down to a simple
filtered list gaining in simplicity and without sacrificing too much
functionality. Here is a more concrete suggestion:

1) If a scope (class, type, table, etc.) filter is provided just list
the symbols belonging to that scope.

2) If not, list the symbols for the current language in the following
order: first the ones belonging to the file in the current buffer,
next the ones belonging to files currently opened in some buffer, then
the rest. Symbols with attached scope information are listed as

3) There is a wildcard character * (or space, as in
ui.dialogs.filteredlist) that allows you to type, say, ri*sp to match

4) The final action (autocomplete or jump-to-def) depends on a
parameter that is passed to the widget, presumably mapped to different
key bindings.

This is all pretty simple but I still want to ask for informed opinion on:

i) A filteredlist dialog could be fine for jump-to-def but would look
a bit awkward for autocompletion. If the same widget will fulfil both
functions something like the autocomplete dropdown seems like a better
choice to me, but I'm not sure if it supports any wildcard char at

ii) The filtered list would allow to pass additional contextual
information (for example, filename and signature) and still output
only the relevant part of the selection (symbol name without the
prefix). The autocomplete mechanism seems less flexible, but I think
that chosing the appropriate prefix character count the "<scope>."
portion could be removed at least, as part of the prefix.

Any suggestion for choosing the widget/dialog?


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