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From: Carlos Pita <carlosjosepita.att.gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2014 12:27:00 -0300

Hi Mitchell,

I'm asking what follows just out of curiosity, so there is no hurry to
get an answer.

You have a great, very organic, set of tools at foicica.com. I would
like to know what is the relationship between them and TA since most
of the tools/libraries are obviously relevant to the editor and, in
fact, one would think they initially came out as springs of TA.

1) Can one extend TA using lua lpeg lexers? Is there any other tool
(scite?) taking advantage of this superb feature? V.g., extending
geany lexers is a PITA as far as I know, you're forced to implement
extensions at the scintilla level. Lua lpeg lexers are very handy not
only to add new language support in the traditional sense, but also to
easily get small DSLs and metaprogramming constructs playing nice with
the editor. This kind of extensibility I've always liked of vim quick
and dirty regex-based syntax engine, but the combo lua+lpeg feels way

2) Is the gDialog code base the same than the one implementing the
standard dialogs in TA api? How does gDialog compares to yad or

3) Why aren't scintillua and scinterm already part of scintilla?
Because of the additional dependencies? Anyway, I have the feel they
deserve to be better known, part of scintilla or not. I've already
praised scintillua. Dual X / terminal editing is still a killing
feature of vim only rivaled by textadept (emacs has always sucked at
the terminal).

All in all, I believe you're keeping this very valuable, well crafted,
stuff too low key.


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