Re: [code] Foicica ecosystem

From: Mitchell <>
Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2014 12:52:37 -0400 (EDT)

Hi Carlos,

On Fri, 4 Jul 2014, Carlos Pita wrote:

> Hi Mitchell,
> I'm asking what follows just out of curiosity, so there is no hurry to
> get an answer.
> You have a great, very organic, set of tools at I would
> like to know what is the relationship between them and TA since most
> of the tools/libraries are obviously relevant to the editor and, in
> fact, one would think they initially came out as springs of TA.

Textadept incorporates Scintillua, Scinterm, and gtDialog as-is. I chose
to separate these projects because they might be useful to others.

> Specifically:
> 1) Can one extend TA using lua lpeg lexers? Is there any other tool
> (scite?) taking advantage of this superb feature? V.g., extending
> geany lexers is a PITA as far as I know, you're forced to implement
> extensions at the scintilla level. Lua lpeg lexers are very handy not
> only to add new language support in the traditional sense, but also to
> easily get small DSLs and metaprogramming constructs playing nice with
> the editor. This kind of extensibility I've always liked of vim quick
> and dirty regex-based syntax engine, but the combo lua+lpeg feels way
> better.

Yes of course! Textadept looks for lexers in *~/.textadept/lexers/* before
loading its own. Any lexers you drop in there may be used. Either set up a
file type or call the `buffer:set_lexer()` command with your lexer's name.

Scintillua's packages ship with an external lexer that can be dropped into
SciTE and works out of the box with that editor. I don't think it would be
difficult to get working with Geany or another Scintilla-based editor. See
the manual[1] for more info.

> 2) Is the gDialog code base the same than the one implementing the
> standard dialogs in TA api? How does gDialog compares to yad or
> zenity?

Yes, gtDialog is compiled into Textadept as a library and provides all of
its dialogs. In the very early days, Textadept actually used zenity, but I
found it too limited. I don't know how gtDialog compares zenity nowadays,
and I've never heard of yad. I would imagine they are all similar
feature-wise. (Except perhaps for gtDialog's filteredlists.)

> 3) Why aren't scintillua and scinterm already part of scintilla?
> Because of the additional dependencies? Anyway, I have the feel they
> deserve to be better known, part of scintilla or not. I've already
> praised scintillua. Dual X / terminal editing is still a killing
> feature of vim only rivaled by textadept (emacs has always sucked at
> the terminal).

Scintilla's author does not want to support these projects (and I do not
blame him). It has nothing to do with dependencies -- Scintillua has none
since it compiles Lua internally, and Scinterm only needs a curses

> All in all, I believe you're keeping this very valuable, well crafted,
> stuff too low key.

Cheers! That's very flattering. I'm not a fan of external advertising so
everything you hear is by word-of-mouth. I think that's why we have such a
great community :)



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