[code] [textadept] Feature requests: buffer/tab management

From: Joshua Krämer <joshua.kraemer.att.gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 9 Aug 2014 22:27:50 +0200

Dear list,

I miss a feature to rearrange the order of open buffers (tabs).

I would also prefer Textadept to switch to the previously used buffer
when a buffer is closed. I often issue the run or compile command,
which opens a message buffer. When the command is finished, I close
the message buffer and want to continue editing the file buffer, but
Textadept shows the buffer to the left of the closed buffer instead.

Additionally, it would be nice if there was a function available for
Ctrl-Tab buffer cycling that jumps to the last active buffer with a
single Ctrl-Tab press, and starts to cycle through all other buffers
with multiple Tab presses. This is also how Alt-Tab works in most
window managers, I think. It makes it easy to quickly switch back and
forth between two buffers.

Kind regards,

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