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From: Chris Emerson <c-ta.att.mail.nosreme.org>
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2014 18:16:52 +0100


I've mentioned this before a few months ago, but now I have more experience.

In textadept-vi, I use a normal (textredux) buffer for the command entry,
which lets me do any fancy colouring, history, etc. I like.

The problem is that I currently need to unsplit all the views, split to make
the command entry buffer at the bottom, and then restore the split view
configuration in the top view. When exiting the command entry, I have to do
the whole thing in reverse.

There are problems with this:
* It flickers, as it takes a non-trivial amount of time to restore, re-lex,
etc. the views/buffers, and feels sluggish, especially with larger windows.
This is something that happens a lot!
* Some view-specific settings are lost, eg hidden lines, margin settings,
* All the split/unsplit events fire all the time, sometimes causing
unexpected changes when I just want to enter a simple command.

So my experience would be significantly improved if I had a way to open the
"command entry" view without all that.

So basically I'd really like two things:
1. A way to do an "outside split" on the view tree, ie turning a view tree

 A /\
  B C

  /\ CMD
 A /\
  B C

without destroying/recreating the A,B,C view tree (but they would be
resized slightly)

2. Do the reverse, by removing CMD without disturbing the others (apart
from the resize).

There may be alternative features which would work (some kind of floating
view which could be hidden/shown like the built-in command_entry, etc.),
but the above seems like the simplest to implement.

I'm willing to do the implementation, but first if possible I'd like to
get any feedback and hopefully solve the problem in a way Mitchell will
be happy to accept into Textadept. :-)

Any thoughts?



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