Re: [code] [textadept] View splitting

From: Mitchell <>
Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2014 11:03:43 -0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)

Hi Chris,

On Wed, 1 Oct 2014, Chris Emerson wrote:

> Hi,
> I've mentioned this before a few months ago, but now I have more experience.
> In textadept-vi, I use a normal (textredux) buffer for the command entry,
> which lets me do any fancy colouring, history, etc. I like.
> The problem is that I currently need to unsplit all the views, split to make
> the command entry buffer at the bottom, and then restore the split view
> configuration in the top view. When exiting the command entry, I have to do
> the whole thing in reverse.
> There are problems with this:
> * It flickers, as it takes a non-trivial amount of time to restore, re-lex,
> etc. the views/buffers, and feels sluggish, especially with larger windows.
> This is something that happens a lot!
> * Some view-specific settings are lost, eg hidden lines, margin settings,
> etc.
> * All the split/unsplit events fire all the time, sometimes causing
> unexpected changes when I just want to enter a simple command.
> So my experience would be significantly improved if I had a way to open the
> "command entry" view without all that.
> So basically I'd really like two things:
> 1. A way to do an "outside split" on the view tree, ie turning a view tree
> like:
> /\
> A /\
> B C
> into:
> /\
> /\ CMD
> A /\
> B C
> without destroying/recreating the A,B,C view tree (but they would be
> resized slightly)
> 2. Do the reverse, by removing CMD without disturbing the others (apart
> from the resize).
> There may be alternative features which would work (some kind of floating
> view which could be hidden/shown like the built-in command_entry, etc.),
> but the above seems like the simplest to implement.
> I'm willing to do the implementation, but first if possible I'd like to
> get any feedback and hopefully solve the problem in a way Mitchell will
> be happy to accept into Textadept. :-)
> Any thoughts?

I am open to incorporating your "outside split" and "outside unsplit"
functionality. What I don't want is for Textadept to start becoming a
"window manager" for views with advanced features for jumping to specific
views, etc. Sounds too bloaty for me.


Last night I tried to change the default command entry into a Scintilla
buffer. The proof of concept looks promising and I'll see what I come up
with this weekend and get back to you. It seems an additional added
benefit is the removal of bunch of lines of C that could be "re-used" in
the future :)


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