[code] [textadept] Curses mouse/CSI events

From: Chris Emerson <c-ta.att.mail.nosreme.org>
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2014 22:05:46 +0100

Hi Mitchell,

TermKey supports some event types (like xterm mouse reporting) which Textadept
currently discards, such as xterm mouse events and a generic "unknown CSI
sequence" event.

Would you accept a patch which passed these in to Lua in some form?

My current interest is taking advantage of "Bracketed Paste" sequences:


(It might be interesting to also try implementing the various click/dwell events
using mouse reporting, but I'm not planning on that right now. So maybe it
would be best not to expose the raw mouse events, and possibly consider adding
support to ScintillaTerm at some point.)

I've checked that (once enabled) TermKey happily sends them (as
TERMKEY_TYPE_UNKNOWN_CSI), but Textadept ignores them (in fact it sends a
duplicate of the previous keypress).

I would be thinking of a new event (something like "CURSES_CSI", or something
better), which would send a table with the command and arguments (as received
from termkey_interpret_csi()). That seemed cleaner than trying to turn them
into something to pass to the KEYPRESS event.



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