Re: [code] Re: Digest of issue 365 (2147-2148)

From: Robert Gieseke <>
Date: Sun, 02 Nov 2014 23:33:42 +0100


Am 02/11/14 um 19:13 schrieb Mark Zbikowski:
> Question: default install on Mac OS Yosemite. The Textadept menu lists
> Hide as triggered by Cmd+h. _G.keys lists only a mH entry which highlights
> all occurrences of the word under the cursor.
> Hitting Cmd+h appears to do nothing.
> I find no “hide” or “minimize” method in the sources.
> It would be nice if I could have a keystroke that will hide/minimize the
> window on OS X.
> BTW, great work!

Not sure if it's fixable some other way (might be a GTK on OS X issue),
but as a workaround you could assign a short cut which runs an
AppleScript, e.g. in your init.lua: = function()
  local command = [[osascript <<-EOF
  tell application "Finder"
    set visible of process "Textadept" to false
  end tell

'mH' in keys.lua means 'Command+Shift+H' (and should display as such in
the Edit menu).


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