[code] hide()/minimize() api (was Re: Digest…)

From: Mark Zbikowski <mark.att.zbikowski.org>
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2014 09:23:48 -0800

Thank you, Robert. Your solution works… I was just hoping that I’d missed
the functionality.

It’s a ui consistency thing in the menus:
    Textadept/Hide shows cmd+h as the shortcut.
        clicking on Hide does the expected thing
        cmd+h does nothing (which is kinda expected as there’s no key
binding for it)
    Textadept/Quit shows cmd+q as the shortcut
    File/Quit shows no shortcut

I’d go and fix this (or at least propose a fix to Mitchell ;) ) but I can’t
get the cross-apple tools to install on Ubuntu: I install the ppa
successfully, but apt-get update can’t find some of the releases (notably
the i386).

I guess I’ll live with this...

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