[code] [textadept] File paths incorrect in windows after using '/' from keyboard to bring up the location input.

From: Jason Schindler <jschind.att.gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2014 12:12:10 -0600

This is pretty minor, and it may be a bug in the GTK open dialog.

This works:

1 - Open file dialog
2 - Tab until you are in the "Places" area
3 - Arrow down to C:\ and press enter
4 - Tab until you are in the files area
5 - Type a folder name and hit enter
6 - Type a file name and hit enter

This doesn't:

1 - Open file dialog
2 - Press '/' twice to open the "Location" input
3 - Type a folder name under C:\ and hit enter (correctly displays
folder contents)
4 - Type names of other folders (provides suggestions) and hit enter
(also displays correctly)
5 - Type a file name to open -or- arrow down to highlight a file to
open and hit enter

In the "doesn't work" scenario, Textadept will bring up an empty file

I can still open a file without a mouse given I always follow the
"works" steps. Would it be possible to:

1 - Put something in init.lua to tell textadept where to start the
open dialog from so I don't have to
tab to the C:\ drive every time?

2 - Turn off the '/' key binding in the windows open dialog so others
don't fall down this same trap?



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