Re: [code] D Language plugin for Textadept (Now with Windows support)

From: Mitchell <>
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2015 10:03:05 -0500 (EST)

Hi Brian,

On Tue, 6 Jan 2015, Brian Schott wrote:

> This module provides autocomplete, syntax checking, and code linting for
> the D programming language in Textadept. (Some of these features have
> existed for a while across the DCD repository and my TextadeptModules
> repository, but now they're all in one place and working on Windows)

Nice work! I have a couple of comments in `dmd/init.lua`:

1. In `registerImages()`, you are calling `buffer:register_image(n, ...)`
where n = 1, 2, etc. This happens to overwrite Textadept's built-in XPM's
(from modules/textadept/editing.lua). The recommended practice is to use
`_SCINTILLA.next_image_type()` to get a unique image type. I know you
depend on those constants later in `showCompletionList()`, but I'm only
bringing this up because users who happen to use other languages that have
autocompletion might find it odd that a list's images no longer line up
with their associated content.

2. In the `events.QUIT` handler, you are comparing a process' status
against the variable `running` when you might have meant to use the string
`"running"`. Also, you spawn a command to shutdown your DCD client and
then immediately kill your server process if it's still running. I'm not
familiar with your architecture, but if the call to spawn is supposed to
cause the server process to stop itself, then you should probably wait for
a brief moment in time (via `_G.timeout()`) to allow the server to get
client notification and handle a graceful shutdown since `spawn()` is
asynchronous and pretty much returns immediately.


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