[code] Opening UNC network paths on Windows

From: Daniel <quuuux.att.gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2015 22:53:01 +0100


I occasionally have to edit files on Windows network shares. As
Textadept currently does not allow opening UNC paths (e.g.
"\\server\dir\file.txt") directly this requires creating a mapped drive
for each network share before opening the file.

Some more details about the issue: Pasting a UNC network path of a
folder (e.g. "\\server\dir\") into Textadept's file open dialog already
shows the list of files in that folder correctly. Selecting and opening
one of the files however results in a new file being created with the
name of Textadept's current working directory concatenated with the
absolute UNC path of the selected file.

This behavior seems to be a result of Textadept not recognizing UNC
paths as absolute paths in core/lfs_ext.lua. After adding a
corresponding exception there as a quick proof of concept the file is
opened correctly (see attached file absolut-path.diff).

To make drag and drop from UNC folders to Textadept work, another
exception has to be added to core/ui.lua (see attached file

To make file handling in a Windows network environment easier, it would
be great if support for UNC paths could considered as a feature for


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