Re: [code] [textadept] Removing language-specific context menus

From: Mitchell <>
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2015 20:53:33 -0500 (EST)

Hi Ryan,

On Thu, 22 Jan 2015, Ryan Pusztai wrote:

> Hi Mitchell,
> On Jan 22, 2015 8:08 PM, "Mitchell" <> wrote:
>> Hi Ryan,
>> On Thu, 22 Jan 2015, Ryan Pusztai wrote:
>>> Hi Mitchell,
>>> On Thu, Jan 22, 2015 at 4:23 PM, Mitchell <> wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> Background: Textadept allows language-specific modules to define a
>>>> language-specific context menu:
>>>> _M[lang] = {
>>>> ... menu ...
>>>> }
>>>> Whenever that language is loaded, that right-click context menu is used
>>>> instead of Textadept's default one. This was put in place long ago
> because
>>>> there was no easy way to edit a menu without completely redefining it.
> For
>>>> a while now Textadept has allowed users to edit
>>>> ``, etc. directly as Lua tables. In my
> opinion,
>>>> this effectively eliminates the need for the above feature. (If a
>>>> language-module wants to add language-specific features to the context
>>>> menu, it can do so without destroying any edits another
> language-specific
>>>> module has made.)
>>>> Unless anyone has any particularly strong objections, this change will
> be
>>>> committed soon.
>>> I am currently a user of this and I edit 2 or more languages during a
>>> session with TA.
>>> Are you proposing to just add things to the menu for each language and
> grow
>>> the menu for each file with a different language?
>>> Here is an example of a Lua, Python, C++, Perl file all loaded at the
> same
>>> time:
>>> Undo
>>> Redo
>>> -----------
>>> cut
>>> copy
>>> paste
>>> -----------
>>> Select All
>>> -----------
>>> <lua custom item1>
>>> <lua custom item2>
>>> -----------
>>> <c custom item1>
>>> <c custom item2>
>>> -----------
>>> <python custom item1>
>>> <python custom item2>
>>> -----------
>>> <perl custom item1>
>>> <perl custom item2>
>>> Would it be like this?
>>> I am not familiar with the `` property, does
> it
>>> know TA default menu? This way when switching buffers you can get rid of
>>> the other languages items and only add the language specific items.
>>> I hope this makes sense. (I was having problems describing my questions)
>> Thanks for your feedback. Something like this is what I had in mind:
>>[ + 1] = {
>> title = 'Lua',
>> {'Autocomplete "end"', M.try_to_autocomplete_end}
>> }
>> This would display a menu like:
>> Undo
>> Redo
>> ----
>> ...
>> ----
>> Lua -> Autocomplete "end"
>> Language modules would put something similar in their init.lua files.
>> As you point out, the context menu would "grow" with each addition, so
> the example I gave would help "separate" functionality for each language.
> If you or anyone else think this is a terrible idea, please let me know. I
> honestly do not use this so I don't have a strong opinion. I'm flexible.
> Well I have seen this type of thing in other editors and it feels like a
> design detail that forces this feature and it doesn't seem like the
> "perfect solution" that the user would prefer.
> I was impressed with how the menus were just what the language offered.
> Plus with the sub menu idea it is further for me to click. I put things
> like 'make' and 'generate build files' in my menu and it is so fast and
> simple.
> I personally would like a mix. Basically like I described in my previous
> email. Just a reset to the default TA menu function and then I can reset
> and add just the stuff for the language.
> It is not a huge deal I just would prefer to have the menu just show
> language specific items.

We might be talking past each other. Essentially, I'd like to remove any
sort of "automatic" context menu handling. Textadept will start with the
standard "undo, redo, cut, copy, paste, select all" menu and then leave it
alone forever.

[Language] modules will then have the opportunity to do whatever they want
with the context menu. They can add directly to it at the top-level (like
you currently have), they can add submenus (like I suggested), or they can
completely wipe it and provide a brand new one. The whole premise is that
any context menu changes made by modules will persist. If you have C and
Python modules that have added context menu items, those items will both
show up for any and all open buffers.

I hope this makes more sense. Basically, Textadept will stop managing the
context menu and you as the developer are free to do whatever you want
with it and your changes will persist over all buffers.


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