[code] [textadept] Is the Textadept book still reasonably up-to-date?

From: Matt Gushee <matt.att.gushee.net>
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2015 21:07:05 -0700

Hi, Folks--

Well, I'm thinking I'd like to purchase the book. I want to learn to
use Textadept better, and probably write a couple of extensions. But
I'm not getting very far with the online documentation.

Anyway, I see that the book was published over a year ago, and
Textadept itself has been through several minor versions in that time.
So before I spend the money, I'd just like to get some indication of
how much of the content is still correct. I spend a lot of time with
bleeding-edge software and language, so a few discrepancies won't faze
me; I just don't want a reference that constantly leads me to do
things that don't work any more.

Thanks for all info!

Matt Gushee
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