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From: Robert Gieseke <>
Date: Thu, 05 Feb 2015 10:58:58 +0100


Am 05/02/15 um 09:54 schrieb Victor Blomqvist:
> Im a first time user and have some questions/feature
> requests/possible bugs: (Im using textadept 7.8 on OSX 1.9.5)

welcome to Textadept!

> 1. Find in Files doesnt work? It doesnt open any file dialog instead
> it just behaves as normal search.

It should work, when you open the find dialogue you can select "in
files" or have this activated when you use command-shift-f or the menu.
Next a dialogue should show up to select the directory, results being
displayed in a message buffer which you can select to jump to the
respective files.

> 2. Is it be possible to allow scrolling one page down below the last
> line in the file? Sort of like a Virtual Linebreak feature.

You can set
buffer.end_at_last_line = false
in your .textadept/properties.lua

More settings which you can overwrite in this file as well can be found
in Textadept's main properties.lua file, have a look at

> 3. Is there any plan (or already available somehow) to have a
> filetree open, a basic version of something like

Kind of.
There is Mitchell's filebrowser (
and Textredux ( which has recursive
file open dialogs.
Both are not permanently open or have symbols though it's certainly
possible to build something like this for Textadept.

> 4. Is it possible to rearrange the order of open tabs?

This was discussed a couple of times and it's not simple. Personally I
don't use tabs (most of the time) and use the buffer list in Textredux
which is sorted by directories, thus showing related files next to each


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