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My name is Alejandro Baez and I have been using Textadept for about a
year now. In that time frame, I have ended up making multiple modules,
configurations, setups, and write-ups for the text editor that can.

Just to name the few I have public:

* [Rust Module/lexer](https://bitbucket.org/a_baez/ta-rust)
* [Hastebin plugin](https://bitbucket.org/a_baez/ta-hastebin)
* [TOML module/lexer](https://bitbucket.org/a_baez/ta-toml)

The rest can be found under my
or the git mirrors on

Currently I have had the inspiration to write a series of articles on
Textadept usage and practices. There are only two right now, but
planning to release quite a number of them in the next couple of weeks:

* [Textadept and
* [Beautify

Anyway, I want to do more. I want to work on anywhere in the source that 
needs help. Textadept has become part of my toolsets like vim is for me 
on shell. It only seems right to help out with what I can in making 
Textadept just a little bit better.
So pretty much, what more can I do to help out on Textadept?
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