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From: Mitchell <>
Date: Mon, 2 Mar 2015 08:56:23 -0500 (EST)

Hi Alejandro,

Thanks for your thoughtful e-mail and all of your hard work!

To answer your question of what you can do to help Textadept:

* Certainly continuing your series of articles will be of great help!
Please link to them on the wiki when you get the chance.

* Writing lexers for more languages is always appreciated. By the way, may
I include your Rust and TOML lexers and file types? Or would you like to
continue maintaining them yourself separately?

* If you're looking for a big project, here's one: Many text editors have
their own package managers for extensions and modules. Textadept currently
does not, but the LuaRocks project now supports local repositories in any
configurable location. I did some work looking into this but didn't manage
to come up with something (I don't remember why at the moment). If you
manage to do this, you'd be a rock star :) I can send you the code from my
previous attempt and my notes. This is a very open-ended project with
nothing really clearly defined.

* A file diff module. This would behave similarly to diff in other editors
(Vim and Emacs are probably good references.) I believe Textadept has the
facilities to support this, but I'm not entirely sure. If you run into any
stumbling blocks, we may be able to resolve them together. One thing that
you should know is the `events.UPDATE_UI` event provides scroll
notifications so you'll be able to scroll two views synchronously.

* While snippets are being expanded, the placeholders are shown in the
snippet text (%n and friends). This is done for the sake of simplicity,
but there may be a way to hide them using by cleverly using indicators and
a table that keeps track of placeholders, positions, and text. I'm not
sure this is possible right now, but if you'd like to attempt it, I can
give you some more information.

* And of course providing any suggestions, feedback, feature requests, bug
reports (and patches!), etc. is always a welcome contribution.

I hope this helps. If I think of anything more, I'll let you know.


On Fri, 27 Feb 2015, code wrote:

> Hello,
> My name is Alejandro Baez and I have been using Textadept for about a year
> now. In that time frame, I have ended up making multiple modules,
> configurations, setups, and write-ups for the text editor that can.
> Just to name the few I have public:
> * [Rust Module/lexer](
> * [Hastebin plugin](
> * [TOML module/lexer](
> The rest can be found under my
> [bitbucket](
> or the git mirrors on [github](
> Currently I have had the inspiration to write a series of articles on
> Textadept usage and practices. There are only two right now, but planning to
> release quite a number of them in the next couple of weeks:
> * [Textadept and
> Snippets](
> * [Beautify
> Textadept](
> ---
> Anyway, I want to do more. I want to work on anywhere in the source that
> needs help. Textadept has become part of my toolsets like vim is for me on
> shell. It only seems right to help out with what I can in making Textadept
> just a little bit better.
> So pretty much, what more can I do to help out on Textadept?


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