Re: [code] [textadept] I want to contribute

From: Chris Emerson <>
Date: Mon, 2 Mar 2015 18:39:09 +0000

On Mon, Mar 02, 2015 at 08:56:23AM -0500, Mitchell wrote:
> * If you're looking for a big project, here's one: Many text editors
> have their own package managers for extensions and modules.
> Textadept currently does not, but the LuaRocks project now supports
> local repositories in any configurable location. I did some work
> looking into this but didn't manage to come up with something (I
> don't remember why at the moment). If you manage to do this, you'd
> be a rock star :) I can send you the code from my previous attempt
> and my notes. This is a very open-ended project with nothing really
> clearly defined.

I had an idea for this (which I haven't tried, so I'm probably missing some
crucial problems). If textadept had a command line option to behave like the
lua interpreter (ie load and execute a script instead of running the editor),
then installing LuaRocks and telling it that your Lua 5.2 (currently) binary
is, say, "textadept --lua-interpreter", that might just about work to install
existing rocks (which is useful in itself). Could Textadept extensions just
be put into the normal LuaRocks system?

> * A file diff module. This would behave similarly to diff in other
> editors (Vim and Emacs are probably good references.)

I'd like this. vimdiff is about the only reason I still run vim. :-)



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