Re: [code] New ctags module and language modules

From: Carlos Pita <>
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 2015 13:17:41 -0300

> A tandem of python module and ctags module will solve the completion
problem above, but neither of them will do it alone, except by replicating
code. They address orthogonal concerns.

To be emphatic here: I agree with your reasons to discontinue adeptsense.
Just that what I'm proposing is far from a structured framework for
autocompletion, but some minor, maybe trivial, refactoring. This wasn't
that easy before you implemented the ctags module and me myself failed to
get ot right. The python module would be free to use jedi, rope, ipython
server, a custom client/server approach, whatever it fancies. But if it
wants to use tags as the main or a fallback mechanism, it would be nice to
avoid code duplication, to provide a coherent search path across modules,
etc. So the ctags module comes into scene, although not along the ctags
command itself but the tags format. Say later you decide to implement
binary search or caching or to provide hooks for tag file recreating,
whatever, it would be a free lunch for python&co.


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