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Hello Mitchell,

Sorry for such a late reply (1 day, 7 in dog years). The digest
concatenated the multiple days and I was under the impression it would
only do daily summaries. Anyway, let's get to business!

On 03/02/2015 08:56 AM, Mitchell wrote:
> Hi Alejandro,
> Thanks for your thoughtful e-mail and all of your hard work!
> To answer your question of what you can do to help Textadept:
> * Certainly continuing your series of articles will be of great help!
> Please link to them on the wiki when you get the chance.
Will do. After I finished the third one, I will post them up.
> * Writing lexers for more languages is always appreciated. By the way,
> may I include your Rust and TOML lexers and file types? Or would you
> like to continue maintaining them yourself separately?
I actually have quite a number of other ones just laying around. I think
I'll clean them up and publicize them or send as a patch for review.

As for the Rust and TOML lexers, I have no problem with them being
added. A question on their addition however. Since both of them I tend
to tweak up every month, on base with the nightlies or a new version
incrementation, would I simply just send a patch with the updates for
them or is there another procedure you like to do?
> * If you're looking for a big project, here's one: Many text editors
> have their own package managers for extensions and modules. Textadept
> currently does not, but the LuaRocks project now supports local
> repositories in any configurable location. I did some work looking
> into this but didn't manage to come up with something (I don't
> remember why at the moment). If you manage to do this, you'd be a rock
> star :) I can send you the code from my previous attempt and my notes.
> This is a very open-ended project with nothing really clearly defined.
Funny, you should say this. I was playing around back in the summer of
last year with doing something quite similar to a package manager using
LuaDist for textadept. Was teaching a class on Lua and was getting a bit
frustrated I had to have the students pull repositories (regardless of
how easy that is). I think we can do better :) Please send me the code
you have on it and I'll see what dragons comes out. I'll report on it
later this week or the next on what I get done.
> * A file diff module. This would behave similarly to diff in other
> editors (Vim and Emacs are probably good references.) I believe
> Textadept has the facilities to support this, but I'm not entirely
> sure. If you run into any stumbling blocks, we may be able to resolve
> them together. One thing that you should know is the
> `events.UPDATE_UI` event provides scroll notifications so you'll be
> able to scroll two views synchronously.
Another one under what I been messing around with. I been experimenting
with doing exactly this due to my annoyance of having to open `vimdiff`
simply for that feature. Still in experimentation, but I'll speak about
it soon enough. And yeah, I spent quite a number of hours reading
through the reference to find the `events.UPDATE_UI` method... If I only
I spoke up sooner *sigh*. Speaking on the Reference manual, I think it
may be a good idea to put a persistent expandable table of contents. I
know we can use the search due to the one page spread, but it can really
help cut time with being able to navigate directly on such a toc.
> * While snippets are being expanded, the placeholders are shown in the
> snippet text (%n and friends). This is done for the sake of
> simplicity, but there may be a way to hide them using by cleverly
> using indicators and a table that keeps track of placeholders,
> positions, and text. I'm not sure this is possible right now, but if
> you'd like to attempt it, I can give you some more information.
Entirely possible. If you haven't checked out Qt Creator, they have gone
about and done exactly what you are referring to. Yeah, definitely throw
this one at me too. Due to my extensive use of the snippets on
Textadept, I have been eking to do a patch on snippets for a while now

So to sum up on precedence, cause I'm basically going to do everything
you asked for :p

1. Snippets fix: Will get on this immediately due to my desire on it.
2. Current TOML and Rust lexers are a go for integration.
3. Package manager: I would like to see what you got done so far and
merge with my set up to get something interesting.
4. Update wiki
5. Diff tool is something I was already working on, but not yet ready
for public shaming. Will give the work soonish...
6. Already have lexers for other languages built. Julia to name one I
put for the hell of it. Will post these at a later time, when I get time
to clean them up...

Thanks for the reply Mitchell! Hope we can make this editor a craving
for others to awe at. Now let me go and respond to everyone else... ;)


Alejandro Baez

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