Re: [code] [textadept] I want to contribute

From: Robert Gieseke <>
Date: Wed, 04 Mar 2015 08:06:45 +0100


Am 04/03/15 um 05:15 schrieb code:
> I think you're speaking about adding rocks into textadept through
> luarocks, correct? Unless I interpreted it wrong, Mitchell was speaking
> about getting a package manager as in something like [package
> control]( for Sublime Text or
> [Vundle]( for vim. Basically using
> something out of luarocks' structure to have internal builds of
> plugins/modules directly on Textadept.
> Example in say a Vundle like package manager for textadept:
> ``` init.lua
> ta_module("rgieseke/textadept-go") -- would pull directly to modules/go
> ta_module("jugglerchris/textadept-vi") -- to modules/vi
> ta_module("abaez/ta-hastebin") -- to modules/hastebin
> ```
> This type of package manager would use the source directly for
> interpolation on textadept. I can see it being not too challenging to
> implement, if we went this route. Though I think personally, I would
> want something like package control from Sublime Text. We would have
> direct installation from a custom `rocks` build (an `adept` if you will
> :P) from our own luarocks configuration, which would add the
> plugins/modules. The downside here is we may have to host it ourselves
> (our own moonrocks like repository). Yet, it could bring more
> organization of the builds and modules that are out there. I'm still
> finding stuff people wrote that I had no idea existed...
> Of course having direct luarocks `rocks` interpolation for the lua
> interpreter on textadept as you described is nice too. It's something
> which would be quite nice to have actually. And as added bonus for this
> luarocks integration, making textadept quite a monstrous beast from what
> it is now.

To re-quote Mitchell: "This is a very open-ended project with
nothing really clearly defined."

The advantage of re-using Luarocks would certainly be to help turn
Textadept into a mail program and web browser, which would require
something like Luasocket :-)
Once the integration were settled one could easily wrap search, install
and list from within Textadept and have a nice package manager.

However, a package manager could certainly as well be done just by
writing a thin wrapper around some git/hg commands.


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