Re: [code] [textadept] Bug with property saving

From: Robert Gieseke <>
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 2015 09:42:28 +0100

Hi Mitchell,

thanks a lot, I'll give this a try (tonight's nightly was broken it seems)!


Am 12/03/15 um 19:34 schrieb Mitchell:
> Hi Robert,
> On Thu, 12 Mar 2015, wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I think there is a bug introduced by the new margin and property saving. At first I though I had a bug in the Textredux module but I've created an example to reproduce this without it.
>> When creating a new buffer, changing its margins and closing it again, while starting from anywhere but the last buffer, the margins of the new buffer are added to the last buffer in _BUFFERS for some reason.
>> Steps to reproduce in a clean `.textadept/init.lua`:
>> - open `init.lua` and `session`
>> - go to `init.lua` (first buffer)
>> - create new buffer and change margin (`Ctrl-1` with the code below)
>> - close new buffer
>> - last buffer has margins (and other properties) from closed, previously created buffer
>> [snip]
> Thanks for the report and detailed instructions on how to reproduce. The
> bug is at the end of textadept.c's "lbuffer_delete" method.
> lL_event(L, "buffer_deleted", -1), lL_event(L, "buffer_after_switch", -1);
> These events should be swapped. Recompiling Textadept after the swap seems
> to fix the issue.
> Cheers,
> Mitchell

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