[code] Building on FreeBSD 10.1

From: Alexander Grotewohl <alexm0n.att.gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 2015 19:05:50 -0400

Hello there. Thought I'd drop a note here about my experience building
textadept on FreeBSD 10.1..

1) The luafilesystem url is https, and for some reason the base FreeBSD
install does not have certificates installed (needs ca_root_nss) .. not
really a big deal but it tripped me up. (Even had to symlink them to the
right place after ca_root_nss was installed.. ick)

2) The luafilesystem file v1_6_3.zip is not found (404). I downloaded the
file https://github.com/keplerproject/luafilesystem/archive/master.zip and
renamed it and it seemed to work, but if a specific version is expected
(patches?) this might not always work.

3) pkgconf isn't installed by default

4) installing gmake doesn't replace the default make command. although the
Makefile builds everything else with gmake, you'll never get there with the
default make command ;)

5) The website states BSD requires libiconv, but the Makefile line 72 makes
that LDFLAG curses only.

6) The website says GCC is required, but the default clang seems to work

Anyways, I'm really liking Textadept so far. Thanks a bunch!

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