Re: [code] segfault on Arch Linux using textadept-curses binary from

From: Mitchell <>
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2015 10:48:36 -0400 (EDT)

Hi Carlos,

On Sun, 15 Mar 2015, Carlos Franke wrote:

> Hi,
> new textadept user, liking it very much so far.
> Running the precompiled program (v7.9, x86_64) on Arch Linux, I encountered a
> bug in textadept-curses that led to a segfault. At first I thought it was a
> problem with the textadept-vi module, so I reported it here:
> After trying different combinations (self- vs. precompiled, with vs. without
> textadept-vi) however, I am quite certain that the binaries from
> don't play well with my system. (Yes, it runs
> flawlessly if I compile it myself, so there is not really a problem for me. I
> still thought I would better report it, as it may be a bug in the official
> binaries. Also, I am curious.)
> As I am unfamiliar with the involved concepts and terminology (something
> about "indicators"), have a look at this test script that the author of the
> textadept-vi module came up with for me:
> local M = {}
> M.indic = _SCINTILLA.next_indic_number()
> function M.test()
> buffer.indic_fore[M.indic] = 0xFF0000
> buffer.indic_style[M.indic] = _SCINTILLA.constants.INDIC_ROUNDBOX
> buffer.indic_alpha[M.indic] = 100
> -- Find all occurrences to highlight.
> buffer.indicator_current = M.indic
> buffer:indicator_clear_range(0, buffer.length)
> buffer:indicator_fill_range(1, 10)
> end
> return M
> With this installed as $HOME/.textadept/modules/indic.lua, calling
> "require('indic').test()" from the Lua command line, textadept-curses crashes
> with a segfault. Here is a backtrace:
> [snip]

Would you be so kind as to grab the latest nightly build and retry your
above steps? Nightly builds have debugging symbols compiled into them and
will produce better stack traces. This will help me troubleshoot the
problem. Thanks a bunch!


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