[code] [textadept] Intermixed highlighting

From: Balint Torok <12toba.att.gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 5 May 2015 21:11:58 +0200


I have a text which has blocks that start with the @@@block marker, and end
with the block@@@ marker. Within these blocks I have certain markers like
@@@.C_like_identifier. For exampel

some text...
in the block
maker in the block @@@.mark1
more text

I have created a lexer that highlights the block start/end markers and the
block content with this rule

local block = token('block', '@@@block' * (l.any - 'code@@@'))^0 * P('block@

Is it possible to highlight the marks within the blocks with some other
color? I have tried to modify the pattern above, but without any success. I
mostly run into some kind of an infinite loop that blocked textadept so I
had to kill the process.


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