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From: Gabriel Dubatti <gdubatti.att.gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 02 Jun 2015 12:24:51 -0300

Hi everyone,

     I added a repo to github with the project management system I'm

     It's still under heavy development but if someone wants to give it
a try, go to github and:
      * get project.lua and proj_data.lua and put them in ~./textadept/
      * add require('project') to you init.lua
      * get "lexers/myproj.lexer" and add it to your lexer's folder.

     You can use any file extension you like, but the code uses/looks
for ".proj".
     This code will add a "Project" menu to the bar with: New/Open/Close

     To create a new project use the New menu to select a place to save
the project, open some files and using the context menu over those
files, select: "Add this file to project".
     The project file format is very simple and is described briefly in
      A project can be easily generated in Linux with something like:
"ls -R -1" or in Windows with: "dir /B /S /A-H *.c *.h Makefile >
..\MW.proj" and then some hand editing.

     The project could be in SELECTION or in EDIT mode (use F4 or the
context menu to change it).

     SELECTION mode:
         Works like a listbox (one row is always highligthed).
         Text is read-only. No project control codes are shown. No
scroll-bars/line numbers are shown.
         Doble click / enter / Context menu, to open the selected file
in a second view (you can select a range of rows and press enter to open
several files at once)
         Files can be grouped with spaces in the begining of each line
(this activates folding). Texts: "[...]", "(..)", "<..>" are highlighted
(see myproj.lua lexer)

         Use double click/enter over a group to fold/unfold it.
         Groups whose lines (in the project file) ends with "::-" are
folded automaticaly when the project is opened (sometimes F5 must be
pressed to update)

     EDIT mode:
         Allows you to edit the project by hand, undo changes, convert
from absolute to relative path, etc.

     In the project view:
         F4: change project use mode
         F5: forces default group folding
         Control+h: shows file/group path of the selected row
         You can use regular commands (bookmarks, incremental search,
etc) to locate files quickly.

     In the files view:
         you can force to open files in a specific view using the
context menu.

     I'm planning to add more functions (search in project files is a
must) and some improvements (the views could get mixed sometimes) but
for now is usable.

     Note that using the tab-bar or "ctrl+tab" is easy to mix the files
and the project views (currently there is no way I know to prevent some
buffers to appear in the tab-bar).
     I'm planning to add a "files opened list" (like the project in
selection mode) and hide the tab-bar.

     I'll add more info to github and add some links in the wiki when
the code is more mature.
     Comments, suggestions, bug reports, are all welcome.

     Best regards,

25/05/2015 18:33, Russell Dickenson wrote:
> Gabriel,
> While I have no idea what might be causing this problem, good luck
> with your project. IMHO it would be a fantastic addition to Textadept.
> .....
> This lexer is for a project management system I'm writing.
> The file format is very simple and can be easily generated with "ls -R
> -1" plus some hand editing.
> The lexer hides the control info, hilights groups of files and file
> extensions and handles group folding.
> For example, when you apply this lexer to the file:
> ---------------------
> [textadept]::/home/user/textadept_8.0.x86_64/::
> init.lua
> properties.lua
> <src>::/home/user/textadept_8.0.x86_64/src/::
> Makefile
> textadept.c
> textadept.rc
> (core)::/home/user/textadept_8.0.x86_64/core/::
> args.lua
> events.lua
> file_io.lua
> iface.lua
> ---------------------
> you get something like:
> project

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