Re: [code] Samples of compiler & run commands

From: Mitchell <>
Date: Wed, 5 Aug 2015 22:31:58 -0400 (EDT)

Hi Arnel,

On Thu, 6 Aug 2015, Arnel Legaspi wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm currently working on a Go module for Textadept. I've been using the
> language modules available from the Textadept site, as well as Robert
> Gieseke's code, as a quick-and-dirty guide to the editor's API and the Lua
> language.
> The repository is on Bitbucket if anyone's interested:
> Currently, it can perform basic syntax checks using a built-in tool ('gofmt')
> and a 3rd-party one ('goimports'). Feedback is welcome.
> I would like to add compile and run commands/settings to the module. Are
> there any existing TA language modules which contain compile/build/run
> settings which I can use as a guide (and possibly borrow code from)?

Textadept already has the capability built in via [1] and Go commands
already exist. You can change them by doing the following: = '...' = '...'

FYI the compile command is 'go build "%f"' and the run command is 'go run



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