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From: Jae-woo Kim <zeus87.jwkim.att.gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 24 Oct 2015 15:58:49 +0900

Hi, I'm a lua beginner, and I like textadept :)
Sorry for my poor English. Call me Jay.

I've used textadept on Windows for three days, and I'm impressed by its
superb flexibility.
I read almost all of the official manual, API documents, wiki so on.
And I understand that I can customize its settings by manipulating files in
~/.textadept directory with its API.

So far, there is just one thing that I can't customize.
I want to "add some private comment to language's API documents".
As you know, pressing Ctrl+H shows documentation on the current symbol.
What I want is, adding some additional comment line to that document's last
I "don't" want to "replacing" original document API file with my own API

With my understanding, it looks like that I can't do this kind of task with
current textadept's API.
I wonder whether I am wrong or not.

what I've studied about...:
.../modules textadept/editing.lua

p.s. Keep going, Textadept!

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