Re: [code] [textadept] automatically fill the Find field with selected text for Ctrl-F

From: Gabriel Dubatti <>
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 2015 08:23:59 -0300

Hi David,

     There are a couple of examples in the wiki
( from where I took the
base code for a seach alternative and adjusted to my taste (more like

     You can download my version from:

     The code remember the last searched text even if you change
buffers. But if you prefer to have a different last search in each
buffer, follow the instructions in the top of the file.

     Key bindings:

|* F3 goto nearest occurrence FORWARD * CTRL+F3: goto nearest occurrence
BACKWARD * ALT+F3: goto nearest occurrence CHOOSE SEARCH OPTIONS *
SHIFT+F3: ASK + goto nearest occurrence FORWARD * CTRL+SHIFT+F3: goto
nearest occurrence TOGGLE SEARCH OPTIONS (soft <-> strict) |


--replace CTRL+F with SHIFT+F3 = keys.sf3

|Check for a how-to install. |

     Best wishes,

El 04/11/2015 a las 05:47, Ziegenlippe escribió:
> Hello,
> after long search I found this cool editor for Linux.
> The only thing that traps me all the time is the search short cut
> (Ctrl-F). From the other editors I usually use (notepad++, eclipse)
> I'm used to get the Find field automatically filled with the selected
> text of the editor area.
> Loads of times I fail to search for text because I didn't notice that
> the Find field wasn't filled with the selection as I expected.
> I did not find a solution so far. Is there a way - perhaps a lua
> config snippet - to get the selection automatically inserted into the
> Find field?
> Thanks,
> David

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