Re: [code] Lexer creation problem.

From: Michael Richter <>
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 2015 15:28:07 +0800

Sorry, I completely missed this, Mitchell.

Thanks! I'd be happy to include it. However, what file extensions are used?

.sno or .SNO

> And are there any run/compile commands?


There's no compilation (this is an interpreted language). Beyond that, I'm
not sure what you'd need to see. I don't use run/compile from within
editors ever so I don't know what's desired. If you mean things like
command line options, here's the help text:

CSNOBOL4B version 2.0 (January 1, 2015)
> built Fri Jan 2 15:30:47 CST 2015
> Usage: snobol4 [options...] [files...] [parameters...]
> -b disable display of startup banner
> -d DESCRS[km]
> size of dynamic region in descriptors (default: 512k)
> -f toggle folding of identifiers to upper case (-CASE)
> -g enable GC trace (&GTRACE)
> -h help (this message)
> -k toggle running programs with compilation errors (-[NO]ERRORS)
> enable listing (-LIST) and specify file
> -n toggle running program after compilation (-[NO]EXECUTE)
> -p toggle SPITBOL operators (-PLUSOPS)
> -r toggle reading INPUT from after END statement
> -s toggle display of statistics
> -u PARMS
> parameter data available via HOST(0)
> -v display version and exit
> -x force display of startup banner
> -B toggle SNOBOL4B operators (-[NO]BLOCKS)
> -I DIR add directory to search path
> load source file before user program
> -M process multiple files for program code
> -N clear search path
> -P DESCRS[km]
> size of pattern match stack in descriptors (default: 8000)
> -S DESCRS[km]
> size of interpreter stack in descriptors (default: 4000)
> For memory region sizes a suffix of 'k' (1024) and 'm' (1024*1024)
> can be used. A descriptor takes up 16 bytes.

> Error patterns to match?

I assume this is for compiler errors? If so, it's not applicable. As an
interpreted language it's a "suck it and see" situation. If it's for
syntax checking then there are some feasible patterns I guess.

> Syntax checking commands?

snobol4 -n "compiles" the source (tokenizes it) without running it. It's
traditionally used for syntax checking.

> The latter three, if available, would be a nice touch, but are not
> mandatory.

If you can point me to where I can quickly get up to speed on providing
these, I'll gladly add them if feasible.

> Please feel free to send over any other lexers you have with the same kind
> of information. I'd be more than happy to expand Textadept's language
> support!

My next project is to extend the Prolog support to add Logtalk to it.
(Logtalk is a strict superset of Prolog, so any syntax colouring that works
for Logtalk will work for Prolog without change.)

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