[code] textadept-curses behavior via ssh in Windows cmd.exe console

From: Carl Sturtivant <sturtivant.att.gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 19 Dec 2015 06:45:52 -0600


I notice that arrow keys and mouse don't work with the windows console
running the OpenSSH version of ssh to a remote linux machine with
textadept-curses running remotely in the terminal. Nor does that work in
a Cygwin terminal running Cygwin's ssh. But it does work running ssh
from Git Bash.

So presumably this is to do with the terminal and the ssh executable
used. Can anyone shed more light on this? Is there a nice way to run ssh
from a regular windows cmd.exe console so this works?

I'd like to stop using emacs -nw to do this, which incidentally works
(apart from the mouse).


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