[code] Your uses of Textadept?

From: docmorchel . <docmorchel.att.gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 29 Dec 2015 21:13:59 +0100

Hi List,

Textadept is my preferred 'edc' editor, so to speak. I use it mainly to
write text and to script, however as it is scriptable there are numerous
other possibilities to use it. My question to you is: What are you using it
for apart from using it as a programming editor? Please comment!

Here is my share:
I use it as a (rather simple) project management tool.
The basic idea was to.. well there was no basic idea, I had to note
somewhere the hours I spent. It started with a text file (it still is). One
task per line with date, hours, project, task and activity separated by
semicolon. Over the time I added convenience stuff. A perl script that
would generate a latex-invoice from my hours-file. Later it became a python
I added requests to separate things people want me to do (requests) from
things I actually do (tasks). Of course with a completely different syntax
just for fun (yet still one liners). I added syntax to write
multiline-comments below each task.

Then a few years ago I started to use Textadept.
As things became hard to read (tasks, requests, comments, different
syntax), the first thing to do was to create a lexer. Then snippets for
tasks, requests and comments and so on followed. I added a function to
extract project- and tasklists from highlighted text-regions or highlighted
projects. Then a function to list open requests sorted by priority in a new
The company I work for uses dokuwiki as one of it's documentation-tools, so
I started to write my comments in wiki-syntax and added a (quite
incomplete) wiki-lexer. I added a function to aggregate comments of a
specific project or task in a new buffer with the wiki-lexer set. That's
when my hours-file became also a valuable documentation-tool. Finally I
replaced the python-invoice script with a lua-function. For the functions
there is key bindings and context menu entries. All of this was possible
because of Textadept. Very nice. And it was fun doing it!

So thanks to you Mitchell and to all contributors for this excellent tool.


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