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> I don't want to distribute such a large archive with all dependency
> sources included. Right now the current archives are signed, so any
> internal makefiles, lua scripts, etc. are "safe", no? Also, the sigs
> for dependencies are also in the archive so when the makefile fetches
> them, verifying them should be satisfactory.

Yes, I think now it is ok as I can see. I'll let you know if I find
something. Thank you very much for your effort! :)

> When it comes out of beta and supports my server setup out of the box,
> I will certainly consider using it! Or if Letsencrypt pushes reputable
> CA authorities to start issuing free domain certs, I could go down
> that road too. startssl was recommended to me, but I don't really
> trust them.

Hm, I think you misunderstand what does "public beta" mean for
letsencrypt. For now:
1. They are issuing valid certificates for 90 days. "Valid" means certs
are signed by reputable CA (IdenTrust?), so it passes browser check. So
if your server support SSL/TLS at all, you can have it.
2. There is console tool for cert requesting with several methods of
proving your domain ownership. All procedure takes SECONDS, then - BAM -
you have your certificates. It is not perfect though, it is lacking
automation in some sort, but it is developing so fast that I think I
might be already wrong about it :)
3. Of course it is free as in freedom to drink free beer :)

You should really go and check docs there


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