Re: [code] Silly little templating snippets system

From: Michael Richter <>
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 2016 01:22:56 +0800

You know, one that that strikes me with Textadept is how simple it is to
enhance. Back when I was evaluating editors, something like that stupid
little block of code there would have been a monstrous Java thing for jEdit
and would have been a never-ending litany of pain to tease out of Sublime
Text's pathetic documentation. The single problem I had here was a case of
user brain death: I searched for every conceivable (and several
inconceivable) words to find the init.lua root ... except for "home".
Everything else was trivial to conceive and find the documentation for.
The end product was a comfortably small amount of easily-understood code.

I'm really finding Textadept enjoyable--actively enjoyable--to work with.
Whereas I was merely, when I switched, looking for an editor that "got out
of the way".

On 10 January 2016 at 00:31, Mitchell <> wrote:

> Hi Michael,
> On Sun, 10 Jan 2016, Michael Richter wrote:
> I've come up with a really stupid little templating-based snippets system
>> for Textadept. It works like this:
>> [snip]
>> Motivation:
>> - I like Textadept's snippets a lot (simple, yet powerful), but I really
>> don't like constantly fiddling with the Lua code in init.lua. Too many
>> chances for totally screwing up my configuration.
>> - Some of my "snippets" are pretty damned big. My Rexx module
>> "snippet", for example, is 204 lines of error handling boilerplate.
>> When
>> this was in my init.lua it was a bear to navigate and find the specific
>> snippets I was looking for.
>> - It's easier to share snippets that aren't married to your
>> idiosyncratic init.lua organization.
> Thanks for sharing your idea! This idea may find its way into a future
> release, as I like the idea of having the option to split snippets from Lua
> code into the filesystem.
> Cheers,
> Mitchell
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