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Hello again,

My name is Alejandro. A few months back I came in with hopeful eyes to
give back to Mitchell and the lovely people who enjoy Textadept. Sadly,
I became lazy/overworked by other projects. Now, I’m here again to give
what I have done so far these past couple of months and hopefully stay
with a steady progress of the little things I end up doing for Textadept
along the way.

First, I’m *still* working on a package manager for Textadept. I think I
should have something working soon. Just took a bit of fiddling with
luarocks. I’ll post up the second I feel it’s ready (aka: actually
documented and not the blistering mess it is now)…

Second, the continuation of the series in Textadept guides are finally
coming back. I wrote a couple of them early last year, and have a
couple of more in me to spread the love.

Thirdly, I ended up publicizing a couple of my textadept modules written
throughout my journey on the lovely text editor. Here is a list of the
current ones I have put up publicly with a small description for each:

 * ta-extend[1]: A module for adding snippets/changes to languages on
   Textadept, without having to write modules for each one.
 * ta-common[2]: A module adding a couple of functional tools to the
   editor. All collected from navigating the Textadept community and or
   made by myself.
 * ta-userhome[3]: My custom formatting for the userhome of Textadept. I
   tend to like to separate context by files. So that’s what pretty much
   is the setup here. Will write a *README.md* soonish for it to
   actually explain the weird things that happen in it.
 * ta-lexers[4]: A set of lexers I end up writing along the way of using
   Textadept. These will be updated quite regularly, since I’m still
   tweaking a couple and adding a boatload more I have scattered
   throughout my machines. *sigh*
 * ta-moonscript[5]: A moonscript module I did a few months back. I know
   Leaf recently made a new one[6], but mine has snippets and
 * ta-hastebin[7]: hastebin client usage. *NOTE*: It works, but needs
   some luarocks. Currently being used for experimentation with the
   infamous package manager I been working. So things tend to break on
   newer changesets…
 * ta-toml[8]: A toml module. Nothing truly spectacular here. Just a
   simple lexer and snippet set for Toml[9].
 * ta-rust[10]: A rust module. This thing has everything you could think
   of for working with the language Rust[11]. I keep updating it
   regularly and it’s getting to the point that it’s becoming an ide for
   Rust through textadept. ;)
 * ta-lapis[12]: A lapis module to work with lapis[13] web framework.
 * ta-love[14]: A love module with the same premise as the lapis, but
   for the LÖVE[15] game engine.
 * ta-linux[16]: A linux kernel development module. Pretty simple, but
   works and makes life easier when working on those kernel modules or
   other kernel business. Lastly, I’ll try to update the Textadept wiki
   with all these extra modules. I mean, I already did all the work
   here anyhow…


   1. https://bitbucket.org/a_baez/ta-extend
   2. https://bitbucket.org/a_baez/ta-common
   3. https://bitbucket.org/a_baez/ta-userhome
   4. https://bitbucket.org/a_baez/ta-lexers
   5. https://bitbucket.org/a_baez/ta-moonscript
   6. https://github.com/leafo/moonscript-textadept
   7. https://bitbucket.org/a_baez/ta-hastebin
   8. https://bitbucket.org/a_baez/ta-toml
   9. https://github.com/toml-lang/toml
  10. https://bitbucket.org/a_baez/ta-rust
  11. https://www.rust-lang.org/
  12. https://bitbucket.org/a_baez/ta-lapis
  13. http://leafo.net/lapis/
  14. https://bitbucket.org/a_baez/ta-love
  15. http://love2d.org/
  16. https://bitbucket.org/a_baez/ta-linux

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