Re: [code] menukey keyboard context menu attempt

From: Mitchell <>
Date: Mon, 1 Feb 2016 20:09:14 -0500 (EST)

Hi Martin,

On Mon, 1 Feb 2016, Martin \"eto\" Misuth wrote:

> So finally I hopefully assembled enough knowledge to make my "menu key" dream
> reality.
> For those unaware, "menu key" is bit unusual/forgotten key found usually right
> of right winkey (key with Windows logo aka Super) found on *proper* standalone
> keyboards and *proper* notebook keyboards.
> It behaves like doing contextual right click with mouse, but you don't need to
> grab mouse, tap touchpad or any silliness like that.
> Proper standalone keyboards are becoming niche and it's quite a rarity on
> notebooks these days, but there are (hey I believe I am certainly not alone in
> this) some anal people like me, who hunt for them. On crippled or weird
> (official apple) keyboards this should do nothing, so it should be non-issue
> in such cases.

I'm glad I'm not alone :) I specifically bought a refurbished ThinkPad for
its "old" keyboard, including the essential menu key. (I don't use
Textadept with menus, but I do use it with plenty of other applications!)

> The idea is to have context menu popup with keyboard, leaving some hard to
> press/remember key-chords free, and to allow user use more
> efficiently from within lua modules.
> It should work with both normal navigation and virtual space enabled.
> There is problem I am unable to solve, when menu is invoked near bottom of the
> screen, it "collapses", but this is better than nothing.
> As I have no clue how hg works here are some additional data about "default"
> branch I am in:
> => % hg identify
> => e56662997e8d+
> => % hg identify --num
> => 2096+
> Is this patch ok?

Thanks for the patch. I'll see if I can work in something similar that may
solve the bottom of the screen issue. However, I cannot promise it will be
applied. Regardless, I am impressed and happy to see you've been able to
accommodate the menu key on your own :)


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