Re: [code] menukey keyboard context menu attempt

From: Martin \ <>
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2016 04:16:53 +0100

Mitchell <> wrote:
> The SciTE text editor[1] (also based on Scintilla) had some useful menu
> positioning code I copied. I think it has solved the "collapsed" menu problem
> towards the bottom of the screen. You might want to take a look :)

Thank you for still looking into this! I will check out SciTE, it never occured
to me I could look at that one, last time I checked geany had this broken.

Honestly many parts of GTK toolkit seemed utterly broken in this regard. Quite
a lot native controls lacked ability to do this properly, when operating from
keyboard (listboxes and such) when I was looking into this.

Since I became annoyed by that, I moved to different tools, where these things
work, so I don't know whats the situation right now. It's some time.

But I still use textadept daily for generic text and quick code editing and
os scripting, that's why I attempted to tackle it there.


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