Re: [code] [curses initialization]

From: Robert Gieseke <>
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2016 19:54:18 +0100

Hi Hugh,

can you try running with an empty user home to check whether something
in there is causing the crash?

textadept-curses.exe -u foo

Maybe it's indeed a problem introduced in Window 10.


Am 16/03/16 um 17:42 schrieb Hugh Low:
> I attempted for the first time today to look at the terminal version of
> taon my Win10 PC, but it doesnít seem to loadcorrectly.
> As soon as the terminal window appears, I get a Ďtextadept-curses.exe
> has stopped workingí dialog. If I attempt to debug it with VS, I get an
> unhandled exception with aĎAccess violation reading location 0x0C101F00í
> message.
> Iíve attempted to start it a few times and Iíve tried it with older
> versions of ta, but itís always the same messages. Another thing to
> mention is that Iím just attempting to load the terminal (ie Iím not
> asking it to load any files).
> Iíve been using ta for a long time and I know that Iíve successfully
> used the terminal version onoldercomputerswithout any issues so Iím sure
> the issue is at my end.
> Itís not a major problem for me because I really only ever use thecore
> application, but Iím concerned that this may be indicative ofamore
> serious problem.
> Has anyone heard of this happening to anyone else? Any suggestions?
> Hugh.

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