Re: [code] Re: Toggle menubar visibility

From: Carlos Pita <>
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2016 17:10:19 +0000

Hi Robert,

the "distraction free"-mode on the wiki does the menu toggling also with
> ui.menubar and reloading the menu module.
> Do you get the thin menu as well if you don't load the menu module
> during startup?

Yes. In fact, I got the ={} trick from the wiki :).

Looking at the C code I can say the widget is never hidden once shown. It
doesn't seem to add much against the C loc-limit to set visibility of the
widget to the "menu != {}" condition. What do you think about this,

If you can live without the menu most of the time just using "Select
> Command" with a shortcut might also be an alternative.

Yes, unless Mitchell thinks that "visible = menu != {}" is a good idea I
will do this.

Robert, since I use your base16 themes I will ask you something more at the
risk of going off-topic:

One of the reasons I want to hide the menu is theme inconsistency between
gtk and the rest of textadept. And this is also true of the unhideable
status bar. At first, I thought I didn't want to change my entire gtk theme
but just to tweak my .gtkrc a bit in order to make up the status bar. But
it's not really possible to change the status bar bg without changing other
textadept widgets bg, and so I found myself in the way of writing a full
fledged gtk theme, which I want to avoid at any rate. Now, there are a
couple of numix base16 adaptations for gtk around the web. To build a
generic base16 template from them (at least for gtk2) seems pretty easy:
there are just 10-20 colors to set. What do you think of adding a gtkrc
template to your theme collection so as to let the user skin textadept
completely, including the gtk parts?


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