Re: [code] Re: Toggle menubar visibility

From: Carlos Pita <>
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2016 13:09:27 +0000

 Hi guys,

> Sounds like a worthwile idea. I just did the Textadept template for the
> base16-builder[1], but I agree that it should be fairly easy to build a
> gtkrc template. Maybe a separate repo for these would be better, because
> at the moment you can clone the complete repo into ~/.textadept/themes
> which I think is quite useful.

What about putting a new erb file in the textadept base16 builder folder? I
say this because I don't want to maintain a full-featured gtk 2/3 theme but
to simply adapt a small gtk2 theme to make textadept look completely
base16. This way the user could just install a base16 theme that covers all
his needs and invoke GTK2_RC_FILES=~/.textadept/.../gtkrc textadept.

(It would be a bit cleaner if this environment variable could be set by
init.lua but I'm afraid the gtk initialization is done before running the
initialization file.)

I've been playing a bit with the numix gtkrc and base16 default and I got a
very cool looking textadept in a matter of minutes. I still don't have a
template though.

More generally, maybe the status bar could be a text buffer as well. I
> think many editors have them editable and stylable that way.

There's still a hbox containing the labels, the problem is that these
widgets don't own a proper background, or at least I'm unable to set it. I
think even if the status bar box had a name and was perfectly selectable,
the background wouldn't be individually settable.

A last question to Mitchell regarding styling textadept: is it possible to
hide the scrollbars in the dialogs (for example, in the buffer selector)? I
guess there is a scintilla widget there too.


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