[code] Crash during a regex search/replace

From: Eizua <eizua.att.openmailbox.org>
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2016 12:30:45 +0800

Hi Mitchell,

I was using Textadept 9 alpha 2 and the nightly build.

The editor froze after I tried to replace the '+' character in a number of
lines in the file I was editing using a regex search/replace. I was
applying a diff manually by adding in the lines, and I wanted to replace
the diff markers with an empty string.

I tried both TA versions with and without my extensions (fresh
'.textadept' directory). It would freeze after selecting the "Regex"
checkbox, entering in "^+" as the thing to find, then clicking on "Replace
All." I do recognize I should enter in "^\+" to escape the '+' sign (and
when I did, it worked), but I am requesting for TA *not to freeze*
during situations like these, if possible. Maybe just ignore my incorrect
regex and not do anything?

Thanks for TA again! Looking forward to the next release.


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