[code] spellchecker and accented character

From: Olivier Guibe <olivier.guibe.att.univ-rouen.fr>
Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2016 00:14:49 +0200


I tested today Textadept v8.7 (and also the hg source version) with the spellchecker (from the Wiki),
under Linux Debian Sid 64 bits.
With an UTF-8 dictionnary (I convert to isolatin1 to utf8 to have the correct spell checking),
I have a strange behavior: a correct word starting by a capital letter and contains and accented character is misspelled. For example
'Maison' is well spelled
'définition' is well spelled
'Définition' (a correct word) is misspelled. Moreover with F7, the suggestions contain "Définition".
Choosing it and then S-F7 again give a misspelled "Définition".

Thanks for your work.

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