Re: [code] spellchecker and accented character

From: Mitchell <>
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2016 16:48:02 -0400 (EDT)

Hi Olivier,

On Thu, 29 Sep 2016, Olivier Guibé wrote:

> Hi Mitchell
> Thanks for your answer and test.
> Even if I have zero-knowledge in lua, C++, makefile, etc
> yesterday I tried to understand (hunspell.cxx for example).
> To save space all (common) words are stored with lower case characters,
> if "Définition" is sent to hunspell then the word is transformed to
> the lower case version, then hunspell verifies if it is in the
> dictionary, etc.
> I modified hunspell.cxx and remarked that with Textadept spell checker
> 1) for "Maison" the spell process is OK
> 2) for "Définition", the word is not transformed into lower case, and
> then not verified (there is case NOCAP, CAP, etc..)
> I tested a compiled version of hunspell and launch hunspell_modifiy -D
> my_dic to verify that "Définition" is well transformed.
> When you add "Définition" to the personal dictionary, everything is
> fine (there is a correspondance with a word in the dictionary).
> Another fact : with textadept spell checker the encoding of the
> dictionary is not well detected. Indeed in fr_utf8.dic there is a
> TRY string, (TRY aeioàéèêîâsinrtlcdugmphbyfvkwôûëöïù½ ) :
> 1) textadept spell checker : utf8 is not detected and in place of
> aeioàéèêîâsinrtlcdugmphbyfvkwôûëöïù½ I have some strange characters
> (the accented character àéè are replaced)
> 2) hunspell (modified) : utf8 is detected and print
> aeioàéèêîâsinrtlcdugmphbyfvkwôûëöïù½
> So it is an encoding issue...

Thanks for your investigations and write up. Unfortunately it's not clear
to me if you found an issue with the Textadept spell checker module or if
the problem was with your dictionary. (Or something else.) I admit I'm not
well versed in these sorts of encoding/language issues.


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