Re: [code] spellchecker and accented character

From: Olivier Guibe <>
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2016 23:34:11 +0200

Hi Mitchell

> >
> > So it is an encoding issue...
> Thanks for your investigations and write up. Unfortunately it's not clear
> to me if you found an issue with the Textadept spell checker module or if
> the problem was with your dictionary. (Or something else.) I admit I'm not
> well versed in these sorts of encoding/language issues.

I was wrong. In fact my utf8 dictionary ('fr_utf8.aff' and 'fr_utf8.dic' in '~/.textadept/dictionaries')
was not used by the Textadept spell checker,
the default system 'fr.dic' (encoded in ISO Latin 1) in '/usr/share/hunspell' was used instead.
If I replace the isolatin1 by the utf8 one, then everything works fine.
It means that it is better to use an utf8 dictionary (even if with other programs everything is ok with isolatin dictionary).

Sorry for the noise.

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