Re: [code] [textadept] Menu modification delay 2

From: Mitchell <>
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2016 20:08:01 -0500 (EST)

Hi Gabriel,

On Mon, 14 Nov 2016, Gabriel Dubatti wrote:

> Hi Mitchell,
> I downloaded and installed the nightly build. Also compared menu.lua with
> mine and they were the same.
> ----
> I don't know why but some menubar modifications did work and some did
> not.
> So I rewrote the code to replace the complete menu bar at initialization
> time with just one line: proj_menubar, this part
> now works fine.
> ----
> When I try to change the tab context menu with:
> local menu=
> table.insert(menu,2,{'Close Others', Proj.close_others})
> table.insert(menu,3,{"Mark as don't close", Proj.keep_thisbuffer})
> table.insert(menu,4,{_L['Close All'], Proj.onlykeep_projopen})
> These items don't appear.
> -----
> Also, when I try to modify the context menu (when the buffer changes)
> with:
> 1) at init time I get the sub-menu position with: Proj.cmenu_idx=
> +1
> 2) every time I want to change the project context submenu, I set it
> with:
>[ Proj.cmenu_idx ]= {
> title='Project',
> {'_End edit', Proj.change_proj_ed_mode}
> }
> This sub-menu doesn't appear.
> ----

Thanks for the additional information. Sadly, I can enter nearly identical
commands in the command entry and I get the desired tab context menu and
context menu changes. Are you sure you're not doing anything extra?
(Perhaps overwriting your changes later on with another menu?) What
happens if you start with a clean user directory and apply just those menu
changes above? (`textadept -u /tmp` or similar may be of help.)

> If I replace: "if not type(v) == 'function' then update(menubar or menu)
> end" with "update(menubar or menu)", all works fine.

All of the issues aside, let's just digest this change. This happens
inside a `__newindex` metamethod (`t[k] = v` where t is a menu, k is a
position, and v is the thing to change). v is often one of two things:
either a table that represents a submenu or menu item, or it is a function
assigned to a menu item. In all of your examples above, the "thing" being
assigned (`v`) is a table, so the "not type(v) == 'function'" always
applies, and the menu should be updated.

I'd recommend you temporarily put some `print()` statements above the
change in menu.lua to at least print 'k', so you may be able to discern
where things are going wrong.


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