Re: [code] Find panel, $ ^ Regexp

From: Giovanni Salmeri <>
Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2016 18:14:45 +0100

> Under Emacs, the usual way is replace-regexp
> with : search $, replace "the character".

Dear Olivier

I can confirm that now it's not possible (we talked in this list about
that some time ago with Mitchell). In the version 8.0 I made some hacks
in find.lua in order to allow this (when using the quasi-regex of
Scintilla), but I didn't yet manage to update these modifications for
the version 9.0 and propose them to Mitchell. Now a good workaround is

search .$ replace \0b

but it is not exactly the same thing because void lines are skipped.
Another possibility is:

search \n replace b\0 (if the newline is in Unix-style)
But with ^ obvioulsy the first line is skipped.

I hope to have soon some time to look better into the code...


Giovanni Salmeri
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