[code] [scintillua] More lexer improvements from the vis editor community

From: Marc André Tanner <mat.att.brain-dump.org>
Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2017 22:50:54 +0100


Below you find references to lexer improvements contributed to my vis

 * spin.lua a new lexer for *.spin files by David B. Lamkins.

 * rc.lua a new lexer for shell scripts for the Plan 9 shell rc(1)
   by Michael Forney.

 * sml.lua a new lexer for Standard ML (*.sml, *.fun, *.sig files)
   by Murray Calavera.

 * scheme.lua was updated to reference the defined `func` tokens in
   the lexer's `_rules` table.

 * ansi_c.lua has been updated to C11 by S. Gilles, Christian Hesse
   and myself. Furthermore some numerical types and errno(3) constants
   as specified by POSIX were added.

These can all be found in the ./lua/lexers directory of the vis repository:


If you decide to merge these modifications, it would be nice to avoid
unnecessary white space changes to make downstream merging easier.


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